Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works manages the City’s Transportation and Solid Waste Services. The Department’s mission is to become the premier provider of efficient and effective Transportation and Solid Waste Services.

This page provides performance data on key indicators related to customer service and operational effectiveness for both areas of the Department.

In January 2014, the Department upgraded its work order management and data tracking systems.

Section I - Solid Waste Services Customer Service

Total customer-initiated service requests and the percentage of those service requests that were resolved within the SWS's target timeframes.

All Customer Service Requests (All Solid Waste)

The Office of Solid Waste Services is responsible for the collection and disposal of solid waste within the City of Atlanta. Additionally, the office provides vacant lot clean-up, maintenance of various rights-of-way specified in the Atlanta City Code, enforcement of the City's lawn maintenance and yard trimming disposal policies and dead animal removal and disposal. The office oversees landfill operations and the City’s recycling program, and assists in citywide emergency operations.

Bin Delivery and Pickup Service Requests

The City supplies a 96 gallon green garbage can and a 96 gallon blue recycling bin to all new residents (single-family), and replacement bins for a cost to those who request them.

Illegal Dumping Service Requests

The City of Atlanta collects illegal dumping from the city right-of-way and from the City's known dump sites. If the dump site is causing a visibility issue in the public right-of-way, the City will remove the obstruction within 2 - 15 days, depending on the level of hazard presented.

Missed Collections Service Requests

The City makes an estimated 360,000 garbage, recycle, and yard trimming collections per month. In the event that a collection is reported as missed, Solid Waste Services will double back that same day to collect the missed bin.

Section II - Solid Waste Operations

Garbage, recycling and yard waste collected on schedule

Household garbage, recycling and yard trimmings are collected weekly on the scheduled collection day.

Section III - Office of Transportation Customer Service

Total customer-initiated service requests and the percentage of those service requests that were resolved within the OOT's target timeframes

All Customer Service Requests (All Transportation)

The Office of Transportation is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the City's street network. This office includes traffic engineering, street operations, traffic signals, street lights, street signs, street maintenance, on-street parking management, and capital/infrastructure improvement projects.

Asphalt and Street Repair Service Requests

The City maintains and repairs approximately 1,700 miles of streets, and will investigate and repair any reported issues, including potholes, point repairs, and major asphalt repairs.

Concrete Repair Service Requests

The Office of Transportation, often in cooperation with neighborhood associations, endeavors to repair and maintain the City’s more than 2,000 miles of sidewalks and curbs when requested by citizens.

Street Sign Repair and Replacement Service Requests

If a street sign is reported as in need of repair or replacement (e.g. broken, blotted out, removed), a transportation inspector will investigate and order a repair or replacement as needed.

Street Markings Service Requests

If markings on the street are worn or missing (including lane dividers, crosswalks, bike lanes) the Office of Transportation will draw new markings as appropriate.

Traffic Signal Repair Service Requests

If a street light is reported as out or not functioning properly (including red, yellow, green traffic lights, flashers, and crosswalk signals), the city will repair and replace as appropriate.

Street Light Repair Service Requests

The City will repair and replace necessary aspects of street lights (including flickering lights, bulb out or missing) so long as the light is on a metal pole, which indicates the pole is managed by the City of Atlanta.