Department of Corrections

The City of Atlanta Department of Corrections operates the City’s Detention Center. The Department’s mission is to provide a safe and secure correctional environment and enhance public safety through partnerships with the community and law enforcement.

This page provides performance data focused on key indicators for these areas.

Section I - Operations

Detention Center Population

The City of Atlanta Detention Center houses persons arrested on city ordinance charges and those sentenced by judges in certain criminal trials. Detention Center populations are measured at least 3 times a day and the average of all daily counts shows the estimated Detention Center population at any given time during the month (blue). The number of inmates booked (red) includes inmates that stay in the municipal Detention Center for any amount of time. This includes pre-trial inmates arrested, but not yet sentenced.

Section II - Safety and Security

Inmate Accidents, Assaults and Escape Attempts

A series of metrics are used to examine the safety and security of the Atlanta City Detention Center. Inmate accidents (red), inmate-to-inmate assaults (gold), inmate-to-staff assaults (orange), and escape attempts (blue) are all shown as total number of incidents for the denoted month.

Section III - Community Partnerships

Inmate Detail Hours

The number of inmate hours used each month (blue) represents a count of 1 hour for each inmate detail hour completed.