Introduction to FOR Atlanta

Housed within the Mayor’s Office of Innovation Delivery and Performance, Focus On Results Atlanta (FOR Atlanta) is the City’s performance management team charged with delivering tangible and lasting improvements across City services by collaborating with departments to drive performance improvement. We:

  • Assess City services and identify opportunities to improve results through data-driven decision-making, business process efficiencies, organizational strategies and technology applications.
  • Focus on outcomes, and their impact on citizens, by identifying and tracking core performance metrics that represent the results the City seeks to drive.
  • Use hard data and thoughtful analysis to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal services, further ensuring that City resources and taxpayer dollars are being used efficiently.

The highlights included in this website reflect some of the core metrics that the City of Atlanta is measuring, managing and using to drive performance across the City. For ease of use, the website is grouped into two areas:

  • Public Safety Departments – Police, Fire, Corrections and Municipal Court
  • Core Operational Departments – Non-Public Safety Operating Departments that provide core services to the citizens of Atlanta

Atlanta's Mayor has made a commitment to ensuring that management excellence and constant improvement in service delivery are priorities for the City of Atlanta. We are operating in an increasingly competitive world while striving to do more with less, and to deliver a better product for our customers. We hope that this website will provide you with some insight into what we are measuring and managing in order to achieve these goals.

Please note that this page only provides data for the City Departments that constituents most frequently interact with. For a full listing of City Departments, please visit the City of Atlanta website.

Mayor's Office of Innovation and Performance

City of Atlanta
55 Trinity Avenue, Ste 2400
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Matthew Bartleet
Director of Innovation and Performance
Tel: (404) 330-6794

Marcus Gore
Sr.Project Manager
Tel: (404) 330-6109